• Maguey Fino bag
  • Maguey Fino bag
  • Maguey Fino bag

Maguey Fino bag

Precio: $110.00

Me llamo: Maguey Fino bag

Soy de: Aldama, Chiapas

Descripción: José and other men in his village laboriously hand weave these sturdy and beautiful bags from the maguey plant, the same plant used in the making of mezcal. The leaves of this spiny plant in the agave family are cut, then pounded to extract the fibers.  The fibers are repeatedly washed until they are a pale straw color, then spun into a sturdy cord that is then woven into a fine bag.  Each bag takes one to two months to create.

Note: Each bag is unique and varies slightly. Please indicate in a note when you checkout if you have a first color choice for tassels and we will try to match, but we cannot guarantee. Tassel colors: multicolor (as shown on model) or purples.

Maguey Fino bag Maguey Fino bag

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