XUXO was founded by Vail Fletcher, a professor of gender and environmental studies with a fascination for the handmade and all things pretty, Jessica Helgerson, an interior designer with a deep affection for Mexico, and Cristina Niculescu, a travel-loving Spanish professor.

At XUXO we collect beautiful handmade goods straight from the source, traveling Mexico from metropolitan hubs to remote indigenous villages to meet the makers and learn the origins of the items we sell. We learn about the age-old traditions behind each craft and document the hours, weeks, or even months that go into making a single piece. Each region has its natural materials, each village its specialty, and each family its own take on tradition. We bring you those treasures and the stories behind them.

Our mission is to share with you our love for Mexico through the artistry and stories we collect along the way. When we journey to Mexico we find a mosaic of cultures where people take care of each other, where each day is worthy of celebration, of dancing, of a delicious meal, and where beautiful objects are made by individual hands working collectively. Each thread, paint stroke and carving is informed by past generations.

Through our photos, stories, and videos we invite you to immerse yourself in the artisanal process, and enjoy the pleasure of cherishing something made lovingly by hand. We wish you much happiness as you explore our website. . . as they say in Mexico '¡que le vaya bien!'



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